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Capacity Building Program

Since its emergence VERC emphasized on people’s participatory and sustainable human development and capacity building of the development actors as facilitators and to institutionalize the lessons learnt from the development process that has been clearly enumerated in VERC’s Mission statement and Strategy. In accordance with that the Training Program of VERC has been addressing its mission and strategy.

Training Section set the goal to enhance human potential, change the attitude and develop commitment of development actors to enable them to contribute in efforts of the development sectors. Accordingly, transfer the skill and knowledge, enhance the human and institutional/ organizational capacity, the Section undertook series of capacity building activities since its inception.

VERC is one of the pioneering institutions in social development in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Strengthening of Local Government is the key strategy for sustainable development involving the local government and community people at large. The Section has not only developed the capacity of the VERC program staff, it also plays a key role in capacitating relevant government staff, LGI representatives and other NGO staff in order to contribute in the development sectors, particularly in the fields of Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion; Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation of programme; Governance; Gender and Equity; Human Rights; Child Protection; Climate Change Adaptations; Disaster Preparedness and Management; Community Management Aspects; Education; Advocacy and Process Promotion; Micro Finance and Small & Medium Scale Entrepreneurship Development.

The Section provides need based appropriate training support to VERC projects. The total of 4, 25,176 participants received training since the inception of the organization. During 2011 – 2012 the Section has imparted training to 23,663 participants. In addition, other organizations use VERC Training facilities for their own program.

The major aspects of Training:

- Provide need based appropriate support to VERC projects.
- Provide need based training on contractual basis to other client organizations and individuals
- Strengthening local Govt. for Sustainable Development through local NGO collaboration
- Capacity Building of Local NGOs in Bangladesh
- Disaster Preparedness and Management

The training and communication section provides training support in developing its own staff also conducting contractual training for others development actors as well. During this period the section also conducted a study on ‘Measuring the Minimum Conditions (MMCs) of Union Parishads in Narsingdi district’ under the project of “Performance Assessment of 155 Union Parishads in Six LIC (Learning Innovation Component) Districts, which is narrated in the later part of project-details.