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Education Program

With the purpose of fostering and strengthening human potentials, VERC has been giving emphasis on education program since its inception. This is the era of social development where education is recognized as the most precedence sector by all the developed and developing nations as well as the government in Bangladesh. Education is not only to eradicate illiteracy but also to form knowledge based society which will help our country to be a developed one. To this effect, VERC has been piloting and implementing education program in innovative ways with the support from development partners and GoB. The strategic dimension has been useful to specifically address the growing education needs of children and women in the country. VERC membership with networks growing at stages and in dimensions has been contributing to main streaming to primary education efforts of the Government.

Focus of attention is making children and their parents interested in schools and making education more interesting and joyful to the young learners. To retain the position in the sector, VERC implements education program in multiple and innovative ways in the country with support from dynamic and innovative donor agencies of the sector.

VERC also runs participatory groups for adults, adolescent and children in order to improve literacy and raise awareness for capacity building and empowerment for sustainable development towards addressing its mission statement.

Program on Early childhood development

VERC is executing own funded education program in Savar area since 1979. There are four ECD centres and five NFPE (Non Formal Primary Education) centres running with 475 students. With having education, these children are participating in extracurricular activities and observing the national and international days of significance. They are taking part in various competitions and have been awarded for their performance.

Early Childhood Development Centres: