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Rural Micro Credit Program

Micro Credit provides means for the poor families to take small loans to help them to be engaged in productive activities or to expand their small business. Thus it can help the poor to increase income, build viable business and reduce their vulnerability to external shocks. It is also a powerful instrument for self-employment by enabling the poor, especially women, to become income earners and agents of change. The clients of Micro Finance are low-income persons who do not have access to formal financial institutions. Till June 2012 no. of Members was 52,478 in 3,370 groups; No. of Borrowers- 36,795; Loan Outstanding (portfolio) -Tk.31,46,31,730; Savings Outstanding-Tk.13,35,98,435; Member Welfare Fund Outstanding-Tk. 1,64,78,406 and the recovery rate is 99.85%.