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Ultra Poor (UP) Program

The people who can’t fulfill their basic needs, having no permanent address, with little or no education and health support and not having little access to social benefits are known as Ultra Poor. Most of those ultra poor people are floating. So it is difficult to organize them as sustainable groups. VERC is trying to identify these people for group formation, supporting them for IGA activities and introduce them to social values since October 2005. Under the program, 2,310 ultra poor members received training support on various issues. In addition, in order to building up their capacity, VERC imparts training to them on various IGA and social issues. Till June 2012 number of members stood at 4,801 and borrowers 2,986; Loan Outstanding (portfolio) amount is Tk.1,55,84,011; Savings Outstanding is Tk. 71,61,705; Risk Fund balance is Tk.1,11,531 and Recovery Rate is 99.99%.