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Sufolon Program

Through the implementation of micro finance activities, VERC has observed that most of the beneficiaries are involved in agriculture based seasonal activities. They face financial crisis for agricultural production purpose. As a result they are not getting expected output. To increase their production and make them financially well off, VERC has initiated to implement the Sufolon program. VERC firmly believes that this is a part of multidimensional microfinance activities assisting the farmers in due time with positive outcome. Beef fattening activity is gaining popularity among the borrowers for making income can be mentioned as an outcome of Sufolon program. Eidul-Azha requires supply of a huge number of cattle heads for sacrifice as a result the price of cattle heads escalates in the markets. In the context of seasonal crisis, fattening has become popular across communities and to this effect; VERC offers financial support to interested borrowers to make an income. This is now a popular way of making seasonal income across the program areas and the demand for support is gradually increasing every year.