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Nilima's Success

Nilima Rani Paul is an inhabitant of Vingraj village under Kaliakoir upazila of Gazipur district. Nilima was born in an ultra poor lower caste hindu family and she was the third among six sisters. It was difficult to get married for her. She could not avail schooling and got married at a very early age to a one eyed day labour. Notogol Prangopal, her husband lived in a hut. After 2 years of married life her husband’s 2nd eye was damaged and he became totally blind. At that time Nilima was pregnant, so it was too difficult to lead their life. When they could not find any alternative Nilima went back to her father and her husband took shelter of a relative where he learnt numericy, walking alone, going market etc. from a local blind welfare center. Nilima gave birth to a baby boy. After one year they came back to their hut and Nilima started to sale rice from door to door which she collected from a nearly rice mill on credit and her husband used to take care of the baby. But this business was very hard and less profitable. Then she took training to make packet with papers from a relative and started this small business of packet making. Her husband supplied this paper packet in the market. Within a few days their business created demand in the market but they could not supply enough according to demand due to lack of capital.

At that time Nilima came to know from her neighbours about VERC Micro-finance program that provides loan for improving lives and livelihood opportunity. In December 2009, she became a member of a micro-credit group named “Rajlaxmi Mohila Samity” of VERC. As a member she saved Tk. 20 per week. After 3 weeks of membership she received Tk. 10,000 as credit for the first time from VERC and purchased paper and other related materials. After 11 months she repaid the loan by regular installments from her expanded packet making business. After repaying the first loan she received Tk. 15,000 as credit for the 2nd time and invested in her business. On the 3rd time she received Tk. 35,000 and Tk. 50,000 as credit later. She invested all the amounts in her business. This business is very easy and profitable for her and now her husband also can help her. She earns Tk.25 per 1Kg of packet where the cost of raw materials is Tk. 15.

At present she has tin shed building and 10 decimals of land. She has a tube-well and hygienic latrine in her yard. Her one son and two daughters are continuing education. She does not think herself as a helpless woman. She praises VERC for the support to make her a self supported woman.